Whistler Therapy is a website for therapists, by therapists. When it comes to therapy in Whistler BC, there are a quite a few options. But that doesn’t mean you have as much choice as you would think.

The relationship between a therapist and a patient is crucial to the success of the treatment. Human beings are not rational creatures. We are able to do it, but not by nature. So when we look at the world, our minds are distorting the image. And when we listen to a therapist, we are doing that too.

Good professionals will try to compensate for the problem but they themselves are also hindered by the same thing. It’s a funny situation really. And it gets even more interesting.

You, me, everybody is at a certain place in life right now. And we all go there making decisions to the best of our abilities. And in the vast majority of cases that means we went with the path or choice that “looked” best to us. You might already spot the problem. here. When we go see a therapist, we want to make a change in our life. So what happens when we choose the best person to help us using the exact same mechanism that is causing our problems?

Well, we start with a bit of a disadvantage. Luckily there are a lot of good professionals around, and a worse thought can still be good. But it is important to realize that the person that looks or feels the best suited, very likely is not.