athletes use iv therapy to boost performance and recovery

Sports IV therapy is becoming a new buzzword among athletes of all level, professionals to taking fitness program regularly. You may need to increase your physical energy when you are burning your stored energy to power up your metabolism to convert fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in your diet into energy. So you must have some product that contains all the necessary elements including minerals and vitamins like zinc, magnesium, Vitamin C and B-complex. All these ingredients can be received through IV therapy.

Benefits of sports IV therapy

  • Improves efficiency to consume energy
  • Supports the growth and repair of muscles by synthesizing protein
  • Supports metabolism
  • Reduces soreness and aches in muscles
  • Reduces cramps in muscles
  • Improves the tone and strength of muscles
  • Improves overall endurance
  • Improves repair of cells
  • Reduces stress in the body caused by oxidation
  • Helps in reloading the level of vitamins and electrolytes lost during workout quickly in the body to get to work instantly
  • Sports IV therapy delivers the required elements directly into the bloodstream of the athletes so that the IV fluid can be absorbed fully and instantly by their body. The vitamins, electrolytes, and hydration provided by IV therapy are instantly accessed by your body cells without waiting for their absorption by their stomach.

Finding the right IV therapy as an athlete

Various types of sports IV therapy fluids are designed for treating various types of athletic problems. According to your need for nutrients, these fluids can be customized by mixing them. Most common IV fluids used by athletes may include:

Hydration IV: This IV therapy treatment for athletes includes a blend of electrolytes and IV fluids and formulated to help in rehydrating you quickly after your workout. It is ideal for every athlete regardless of the level of his training. The IV fluids included in this therapy is a solution of sterile saline to provide nutrients and vitamin directly into your bloodstream along with hydrating your body. The electrolytes used in it include a combination of minerals essentially required to boost up the proper functioning of your muscles, support the functioning of healthy nerves, help in repairing damaged tissues and cells and regulate pH balance of your blood.

Energy Boost IV: This treatment of sports IV therapy includes a combination of vitamins, electrolytes, and fluids to improve your energy level and metabolism to help you in making ready for the next level of workout. The IV fluid it includes is a solution of sterile saline to provide nutrients and vitamin required by your body directly into your blood for complete absorption as well as hydration of your body. It also includes a combination of electrolytes containing minerals essentially required to improve the proper functioning of your muscles and healthy nerves, repairing the damaged cells and tissues as well as balancing the pH of your blood. The vitamins included in this IV therapy are Vitamin C and B-complex. Vitamin C supports the growth of muscles and strengthening health, circulatory functions and bones, healing wounds and repairing cells along with removing free radicals as an antioxidant vitamin. The family of B-Complex vitamins improves your body in different ways including supporting metabolism, supporting cardiovascular muscles and producing energy, etc.

All-Inclusive IV: The treatment of this sports IV therapy is one of the most complete IV treatments for athletes. It includes everything required to quicken your recovery, restore vitamins and fluids and optimize your workout to maximize post-workout recovery quickly. It includes sterile saline IV fluids to provide nutrients and vitamins directly into your blood along with hydrating your body. It also includes Vitamin C to support the growth of your muscles, strong bones and overall health along with improving the healing of wounds, repair of cells and functioning of the circulatory system. Vitamin B-complex in it helps in improving the production of energy, supporting cardiovascular muscles and metabolism of the body. It also includes mineral magnesium essential to promote the function of muscles and nerves as well as the production of protein and cardiovascular health. Amino acids included in this IV treatment helps in building protein blocks to promote the health of every part of the body as well as the growth, healing, and repair of the cells and muscles and improving the production of energy. The Glutathione push included in it provides you a super dose of antioxidant to help in removing free radicals from your body during a workout in a natural way. It also helps in fast recovery between workouts by reducing oxidative stress.